I Knew it Had to Happen….

Well……things had been going along quite smoothly……all things considered.  There had been some small bumps here and there, but nothing major.  Funny how all of that can change in an instant.

Today has officially been THE WORST day I’ve experienced since all this crap started.  It’s the 5th day after chemo – which has always been the yuckiest day – but not only was it awful because of stomach issues – last night I was pretty sure that I was developing mouth sores……..and I was right.  Holy crap they are no fun!  My tongue feels like it’s three times it’s normal size!  The medical term for this is oral mucositis.  It’s mouth sores caused by chemo (or even radiation).  The sores on my tongue definitely make it painful to eat……or talk……or swallow.  Fun times!

Obviously, the doctors knew this was a possibility because they had already given me a prescription for Duke’s Magic Mouthwash to have on hand if and when this happened.  I’ve been diligently using the Magic Mouthwash all day – swishing it around my mouth allowing it to coat the inside of my mouth and tongue.  Fortunately, the Magic Mouthwash doesn’t taste awful……so it’s not so bad to swish around.

It appears the Fluorouracil chemo that I’m getting is one of several types of chemo that are known to cause mouth sores.  Go figure.  I’ve read today that it may help to swish ice chips or water around in my mouth during the first 30 minutes or so of my next treatment.  Apparently the cold limits the amount of the drug that reaches your mouth and helps prevent mouth sores.  I can promise you I will be doing that at my next treatment.

Between the mouth sores and just feeling awfully weak today – I’ve spent the majority of the day on the couch or in the bed.  Yep – I went BACK to bed today around 1:00 pm because I just felt like crap.  No apologies either.

Looks like I’ll be on a soft/bland/creamy diet…..popsicles, scrambled eggs, milkshakes, mashed potatoes and soup.

I pray these mouth sores don’t hang around too long……I’m so over them already! Thanks for your continued prayers.  I know this is just another “temporary lump” and this, too, shall pass.  God continues to see me through each day – no matter how difficult or easy.



1 Peter 4:13The Message (MSG)

Glory Just Around the Corner

12-13 Friends, when life gets really difficult, don’t jump to the conclusion that God isn’t on the job. Instead, be glad that you are in the very thick of what Christ experienced. This is a spiritual refining process, with glory just around the corner.



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