COVID19 Cheerleader

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted and that’s a good thing! Life has been full of all kinds of craziness (even before COVID19) and we’ve all been doing well, staying healthy and active……..and then…….CORONA!

Never would I have dreamed that in 2020, we would be living like this. Goodness – we were supposed to be traveling around like The Jetsons (I apologize for those of you who are too young to get that reference)……not being quarantined to our homes under “stay at home” orders!

This post isn’t directly about COVID19……..but it kinda is.

You see, one of my best friends is in the battle of her life right now. She was diagnosed last November with 2 different types of breast cancer (a different type in each breast) and has undergone a double mastectomy, a plethora of tests and scans, and just today completed chemo#5 and has just ONE more to go – Praise God!

Lord knows she needs to stay healthy so she can wrap this chemo up and move on to the next phase of her treatment. When you are going through chemo, you know the your immune system is already compromised, so you try to be as diligent as you can to protect yourself from germs and stay as healthy as possible. I can’t imagine how she’s felt going through chemo in the middle of a pandemic! But the absolute LAST thing she needs is to catch ANYTHING……so she has sheltered in place at home only getting out to go to treatment or doctor’s appointments…….and she is about at her wits end!! I honestly cannot imagine! I know first hand how important surprise visits were during those long days at home…….and those visits just aren’t possible right now. I have struggled immensely trying to figure out how to be a cheerleader in the middle of this Corona chaos. Sometimes you just need to sit on the couch with your friends and a bag of Doritos and a pint (each) of ice cream and have “girl time” and laugh and or cry together!!

Thank God for texting and phone calls and Zoom sessions though! Human interaction is such a vital component of recovery! Real friends send you a last minute text saying we need to chat…….and real friends happily get up out of bed to attend a last minute Zoom meeting! No makeup – no hair – no judgement!

It was just 3 short years ago (June 2017) when I started my chemo treatment. It seems so long ago, and then it doesn’t – so many of the memories are still so vivid in my mind…….and at the same time, “chemo brain” has made some of the parts a little “foggy” – and that’s probably a blessing! Medicine changes quickly – and the medical community is constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas…….and one of those new trends is having the patient keep both their feet and hands in tubs of ice in an effort to reduce (or eliminate) the effects of neuropathy on chemo patients.

Ya’ll, I’ve just got to brag on my friend Paula here. Her husband sent me this picture of her today……and I had to smile through my tears. This girl is one tough cookie! I honestly do not know how she does it. Her infusions are lengthy…….and somehow she is able to keep her feet and hands in those tubs of ice for the entire time! I. CANNOT. IMAGINE!!!

SHE…….is a rock star!

See what I mean? I just want to go hug and squeeze on her for doing the impossible and I can’t! This deserves to be celebrated – and in a BIG way…..with chips and queso and mango margaritas!!! Damn you COVID19!!!

Paula – I am so proud of you! I know that this absolutely HAS NOT been an easy road, but girl – the finish line is in sight!

Another friend was recently diagnosed with cancer and because she had to have some surgery in the middle of this pandemic, her doctors were adamant that she not have ANY visitors after she returned home. Breaks my heart. I know it’s for her own good – but goodness, if you’ve been given a cancer diagnosis, you really need the love and support of your tribe and community……and I just hate that I’m not being able to be there with her. So I text her……and call……and drop off goodies outside for her – but it’s just not the same!

I understand our need to practice “social distancing” – but it sure is hard for a people lover like me! It’s so hard to feel like you are “supporting” others when it’s from a distance. Cheering from the sidelines is one thing – but cheering/supporting those going through difficult times during COVID19 has been quite the challenge! Sure, I can pray from a distance – or call/ text or send a card…… but for me, it just doesn’t seem like “enough”.

My heart breaks for those who have had family members in the hospital for emergency surgeries and they have not had any one there with them……..and so many have lost loved ones during this time and are unable to receive friends or have visitations, etc. And if they are able to have a funeral, it has to be limited to 50 attendees. The COVID19 just makes a difficult/sad situation even worse!

Have you been cheering someone on during this pandemic? If so, how have you done it? Unusual times cause us to have to think outside the box…….so I’d love to hear how you have cheered others on from the sidelines. Please feel free to comment and share your ideas!

Here’s praying you and your family are safe and well…….and here’s hoping that we won’t be cheering from the sidelines too much longer!

Be blessed!



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