….a HAIRY situation

I’ve had an uneventful few days…….feeling good, but tire quickly.  I’ve OD’d on Food Network TV and Hallmark Movies (much to my hubby’s dismay) and done some reading. Not a bad few days.  And best of all – I got my sidekick back late Saturday afternoon!  All is good in my world!

The day I first met my medical oncologist and she recommended my chemo regimens to me, she looked at me and,  quietly….. but matter-of-factly said…… “you WILL lose your hair”.  I asked her if she knew how soon that would happen and she said typically within 10-12 days.  My first treatment was on June 28th……and it was only this past Wednesday (July 12th) that I noticed my hair showing up on the bathroom counter after I towel dried my hair.  I made it 14 days before it was noticeable.  She was pretty on-target!

This is what the counter looked like this morning.  The larger glob is what CC got out of the shower drain (he showered after me).  counter

Yeah – this is really happening!  Since Hunter was away all week at ASP, my prayer was that it would not all come out before he got home.  I didn’t want him coming home to a bald mom!  I thought that might be a bit traumatic even for him! It was noticeably thinner than before he left and in true Hunter fashion – he noticed right away!

He likes to tap me on my head anyway – and when he did, I cautioned him “be careful, it’s falling out like crazy”!  Of course, he didn’t believe me – but he asked me if he could try to “pull” a piece out  I said sure!  I don’t think he was prepared for how easy it was going to come out!  He was like “oh my goodness, I hardly had to touch it”!  Well, he quickly became obsessed with pulling it out.  When I changed clothes after church, I had hair ALL OVER my shirt.  I was shedding like crazy.  Hunter got the lint brush and cleaned all the hair off of my shirt!  At my aunt’s after church, he had fun showing everyone just how easy it was to pull my hair out!  Yeah – we are THAT family.  No apologies!  I joked that I’m soon going to have a hair-do like I did years ago.  Crazy enough I came across this baby pic of me yesterday.  It made me chuckle – I thought “oh my, I’ve rocked this non-hair do before”!!!


I wanted to be sure to get a few pics of us together before the inevitable happens.  We took a few pics out in the yard today.  We were looking pretty sharp if I say so myself!

last pic with hair
a pic of us before my hair is all gone!

So we have these great friends……and the husband is a barber.  He’s told me all along that whenever I was ready, he would be happy to shave my hair for me.  I told him today at church that “it’s about time”!  His response was “just let me know”.  If he is anything – he is accommodating……and caring……and truly the FUNNIEST person I know.  There’s no way that shaving my head would NOT be an epic event if he was involved!  And if you’re gonna do it – it may as well be EPIC, right?!!!

As it turns out, he was going to the shop tonight to cut his kids hair…..and was kind enough to pencil me in as well.  Lord, please don’t let me have an ugly noggin’, cause George will NEVER let me live it down! 🙂  George, Lisa and their sons Jake and Jackson were there with me, CC and Hunter.   Just for the record – everybody needs friends like these guys…..I’m so very thankful to have them in my life and I feel blessed to have them supporting me through his adventure!

hunter cut

George got me all ready and gave Hunter some instructions on how to make the first swipe!  Hunter buzzed off the first strips of hair!  That was pretty cool!

George took over and went to work.  My sweet friend Allie insisted that she thought I could rock a mohawk…….so just for you Allie B, George hooked me up with a temporary mohawk.  Whatcha think girl? 🙂  I’m not so sure it’s my BEST look! 🙂


We took lots of photos,  videos with lively commentary – and as I imagined, it was ANYTHING but a sad time.  We laughed and joked and poked fun.  Jackson even said “that looks slick Mrs. Sonja” – and I just laughed out loud and said “pun intended, huh”?

So……late on a Sunday night…..18 days after my first chemo treatment I shaved my head.  It just seemed like the wise thing to do.  I came home tonight and took a shower to get cleaned up.  Well – that was interesting!  I realized that I havee officially cut my shower time in half!  No hair to wash and condition………and no need to shave my underarms and legs anymore……so there is an unexpected joy bomb for ya!

And here we have it…….my hot of the press new hair do…….or “no hair” do!

A big shout out to the Evans family for making this a fun night for us!   You guys are the best!  We love ya’ll to pieces!  Bad jokes and all! 🙂


So most days, I struggle finding just the right verse to share with my blog.  I always want it to be relatable to the topic of the day.  Well, today the verse came firsts – it seemed like a no-brainer to me!  It seemed fitting that Luke 12:7 be the verse to accompany this post!

Praying for a great week.  Chemo #2 coming up on  Wednesday.



Luke 12:7 The Message (MSG)

6-7 “What’s the price of two or three pet canaries? Some loose change, right? But God never overlooks a single one. And he pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail—even numbering the hairs on your head! So don’t be intimidated by all this bully talk. You’re worth more than a million canaries.


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10 thoughts on “….a HAIRY situation”

  1. You are beautiful Sonja! And you’re skin is still glowing! 😉 Love how you’ve embraced a journey that can be so hard, but you find humor in everyday things and illustrate how our God carries us through every storm we must face and we are not alone! Thank you for sharing! 😘


  2. I so admire your tanasity!! Indeed we know its part of Gods greater plan, but the fact that you embrace it is beautiful. Praying that the good days out weigh the bad! God bless you!!


  3. Amazing! You look AMAZING!! So thankful for you sharing your journey. You are such an inspiration. And, yes, you have the best family and friends 😊🙏💗


  4. I love it! Chalk up another plus to the do–really shows up your eyes and pearly whites! Prayers for you that when it’s not all smiles and puns (good and bad), you remember that you are continually in the prayers of those who love and support you.


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