Final Preparations

The “conscious sedation” meds they gave me yesterday wore off around bed time (wouldn’t ya know).  Who ever knew you used your neck/shoulder muscles so much when simply turning over in the bed!!!  Goodness!  And it just flat out feels weird having this port inside my chest!  I’m bruised up a bit and it is a little tender to the touch – but the information they sent me home with yesterday says the soreness should wear off after 48-72 hours.  I hope so!  This, by far, has been more uncomfortable than the 2 lumpectomies! 🙂  Even so – I hate to complain.  I’m thankful that I won’t have to get “stuck” each and every time they need blood or give me chemo or IV meds.

I spent the day today tidying up lots of loose ends like paying bills and washing clothes.  Then I went to see my hair girl Rachael.  I realized last week that my next hair appointment was scheduled for tomorrow (June 28th) which was also the same day as my first chemo treatment.  I called Rachael and told her to just cancel my appointment – especially since the medical oncologist had assured me that I would, indeed, lose my hair in the first 10-12 days after chemo.  Rachael asked me to reconsider and to reschedule an appointment for today to go ahead and cut my hair shorter so when I start losing it, it wouldn’t be such a drastic change!

Here’s the BEFORE…..

wait for it……wait for it…..wait for it…..

And here’s the AFTER.  I’m digging’ my spiky new ‘do!

I’ve worn my hair short before – it’s been awhile (and SEVERAL pounds) ago – but I really like it!  Talk about low maintenance! 🙂  It feels like puppy dog hair in the back!  Thanks Rach….. ❤

Several of you have asked me what was going to choose to eat for dinner tonight – well……who is surprised that we had a Pizza Hut thin’n crispy Supreme Pizza AND a Pepperoni pizza.  Good stuff right there!

I got my anti-nausea patch placed behind my ear around 7pm per the pharmacist’s directions.

Tomorrow will be a long day in the Cancer Center.  My prayer is that I tolerate the chemo meds okay.  I think I’m as mentally prepared as I can be.  Thanks to all of you who have reached out to me today sending love and best wishes.  Keep the prayers coming!  Let’s do this!

Be blessed!


Matthew 6:34

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 


Author: temporarylumps

A Christian wife, mom, daughter and friend

4 thoughts on “Final Preparations”

  1. I’m praying for you, Sonya. Just let me know what you need–I’ll certainly do my best to help in any way I can. Stay strong and keep looking “UP”, the source of our strength.


  2. You are going to do great. They maybe some tough days but never more than YOU can handle. Many people have been through tough times and survived with a smile. I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO😘😘🙏🙏


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