Rest is Best

And just like that…….we have checked off chemo #9!  Praise the Lord!  Wednesday was the first time I just had to report for lab work and chemo (no doctors appointment in between).  It made for a much shorter day!  However, I did miss seeing some of my “people” that I usually run into on chemo days.  You sorta become like family with these folks and we enjoy catching up with each other week to week!

Gosh – it’s been a wild and crazy week for sure.  I had a super busy weekend……Saturday I attended one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen.  It was an outdoor wedding with a very “rustic” theme.  The decor was simply perfect.   It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding!  The bride was stunning and it was truly one of the sweetest weddings I’ve attended.  Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Denny!  Much love to both of you!

We left the wedding to rush over to my mom’s house where we were throwing an 80th birthday party for my dad.  Yep – that’s right – I said 80!  Those that know him will attest to these two things…….1) he doesn’t look 80 and 2) he sure as heck doesn’t act like he’s 80! We had a wonderful turnout and a fantastic dinner and we all enjoyed celebrating my dad on his milestone birthday!  He was surrounded by family and friends with lots of fellowship and probably a few lies thrown in for good measure!

This guy sure doesn’t look 80!!!

That was the absolute LONGEST that I’ve been “on the go” (and I set the record for the most hours I’ve worn my wig)!!!!   I was truly exhausted on Saturday night.  But I’d do it all over again – the exhaustion was well worth it for me to be able to attend the wedding and the birthday party of these very special folks!

I’ve been able to maintain working half days which has been great.  It’s felt good getting out and about and I do enjoy catching up with my customers.  I’m not trying to push it though – trying to keep my work days to 4-5 hours max and sometimes less.  It all depends on the day and how I’m feeling.  Thankfully – my customers have been very understanding.

Friday was a busy day.  A couple of appointments in the am, then off to Durham to meet an old friend and some new ones.  You may remember me posting earlier about a former co-worker whose mom was diagnosed with cancer not long after me.  Well, they were in town from Tennessee and New York for a family wedding – so it provided a wonderful opportunity for me to catch up with Allison and meet her mom……my new friend and fellow breast cancer warrior.  We had a wonderful lunch (even if the circumstances surrounding WHY we met were less than ideal).  There’s something about cancer – it instantly bonds you with complete strangers.  But strangers no more!  I’m thankful that my blog allowed our lives to intersect – and it was delightful to meet her (as well as Allison’s aunt and sister-in-law)!  God works in mysterious ways!

I left our lunch date and headed to Duke for my follow-up appointment with my radiation oncology doctor.  Now that I’m down to 3 chemo treatments left, it’s time to start making plans for the next phase of treatment……Radiation.  I admit that while I know it will be easier on my body than chemo – I’m dreading the radiation worse than I did chemo.  Chemo was once every 3 weeks then once a week.  Radiation will be 30 – that’s right THIRTY days which comes out to 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  EVERY.  SINGLE. DAY.  With weekends off, of course.  Just knowing that I HAVE to be there every single day is enough to make you crazy.  I know it’s all a part of the treatment plan – but knowing that I can’t really make any plans for 6 weeks kinda stinks.  All of this is subject to change – but assuming I am able to take all 3 of the remaining treatments as scheduled, then the plan is for me to go back to the radiation doctor on November 27th to get marked and scanned and do all things necessary to get me ready to begin radiation the first week of December.  Yeah – that means I’ll be doing radiation over Christmas holidays and into January 2018…… BUT I will get a “pass” for Christmas Day and New Years!  Even though those days have to be made up!

The blessing in all of this?  Well, there are many.   I get the week of Thanksgiving off – no chemo – no radiation (if all goes as planned).  I am thankful for that.  Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday for me – but this year, I think Thanksgiving will have even more meaning and significance.  I DEFINITELY have a lot to be thankful for.  Secondly – it’s truly a blessing that I am just 45 mins away from Duke Cancer Center where I’ll receive my radiation.  My friend Miriam, from TN, has to travel 1.5 hrs one way for each of her appointments.  It’s really all about perspective.  I feel very blessed to live so close to a world class cancer center.  However…….I’m going to put radiation out of my mind until after Thanksgiving……..One hurdle at a time.

So my doctor’s appointment took longer than anticipated on Friday –  and I ended up having a very full day.  I was toast by the time I got home.  I literally put on my PJ’s and crawled into bed even though it was before 6pm.  I was exhausted.  Slept decent Friday night and woke up Saturday feeling like total CRAP.  Coughing (AGAIN), congested, just felt awful.  I spent the entire day on the couch…..medicating…..trying my best to feel better.  I mighta cried a little bit when I realized I just wasn’t well enough to go watch my RCS girls volleyball team play in their 4th round tournament game.  I had looked forward to that all week.  But it wasn’t to be.  Praise the Lord our local radio station broadcasted the game, so I was able to hear what was going on.  Not as good as being there – but I was thankful for the blessing of being able to keep up with the game from the couch!

And I mighta cried AGAIN when I received a sweet video message yesterday afternoon from the RCS Volleyball team.  I love those girls…….they are some kinda special!  I tried to share it here but just couldn’t figure it out! 🙂

I slept til 10 am again today.  I guess my body truly was EXHAUSTED.  I’m feeling a tad bit better – but nothing to write home about.  But, God gave me a wonderful rainy day to spend on the couch and just rest.  And did I mention that Christmas Movies are already on The Hallmark Channel?

countdown to christmas

So here’s to feeling better by tomorrow………better get back to my movies! 🙂



Exodus 33:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”



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