Tackling Taxol

After my wonderful and relaxing weekend at the beach…….I came back home recharged and ready to “tackle” my Taxol regimen.

On Tuesday, I was invited to attend a Bible Study at the home of a dear friend and Christian mentor.  We had a wonderful time, I met some new friends and we had a great discussion regarding the Proverbs 31 Woman.  I’m excited to go back this week as we continue learning about the Women of the Bible.  What a wonderful distraction from this nasty cancer and chemo!  I was blessed to be able to attend.

I have labs before every infusion (just to make sure all my numbers are where they should be and that it’s safe for me to receive the infusion)……..and I also saw Dawn, the PA (whom I ADORE).  She said everything looked good for the infusion and commended me AGAIN on how well she thought my body had handled the FEC regimen.  At every check up with the doctor, they have asked me each time if I’ve had any shortness of breath.  The answer was always no……until after the 4th and final FEC.  I told her I’d really noticed that I was short of breath many times since the last treatment.  Dawn said that was understandable and made sense because my hemoglobin was a bit low – but nothing to be alarmed about.  Praise the Lord.  As long as there is an explanation for it and all is well……I can handle it.

After getting a good report from the PA, we headed up on to the infusion waiting room.  No computer problems today – so it wasn’t long before they took me back and got me started.  I got IV steroids, fluid, benadryl, and my Taxol.  Let me just tell ya that MINUTES after getting that Benadryl – I was feeling really, really sleepy.  It was crazy how quickly it took effect.

They advise you drink lots of water/fluids on chemo days…..and I had taken in my share of fluids that morning.  I used the bathroom just before going into the infusion room……..and literally within the first 10 minutes of getting the actual Taxol – I was DYING to go to the bathroom AGAIN.  My nurse was not really happy with me and asked me if I was SURE I couldn’t wait any longer.  They want watch you really close the first 10-15 minutes to make sure you don’t have any allergic reaction to the chemo.  I told her if I didn’t go to the bathroom ASAP, I was sure to pee my pants! 🙂  She reluctantly unplugged the IV pole and sent me on my way……and told where the red button was in the bathroom if I had any issues.  Thankfully – all was well.  No need to press any alarms……but golly gee when they are pumping you full of all kinds of fluids, and you’re drinking fluids excessively…..trips to the bathroom are mandatory for this chick.  I joked that I must have a “pea” size bladder.


Apparently, I got a little loopy kinda quick.  My friend Cheryl took me to chemo last week…..and I was really struggling to keep my eyes open and I’m guessing I wasn’t communicating too well with her either.  She finally said “can you lay that chair back any more”?  I responded “yes” and she said “well lay it back and shut your eyes and go to sleep”!  Who wouldda thunk I would be sleeping through my chemo!  That must have been a big dose of Benadryl!  Yeah….I mighta snored a wee little bit during chemo this week.  My apologies to the other patients and the nurses in the infusion rooms! 🙂

So…..that’s 1 Taxol down……7 to go.  Treatment #2 should happen this Wednesday.  I’ve not had any real side effects from the treatment but I have been sooooo very tired.  It hits you all of a sudden……like a brick wall.  All day Friday I COULD NOT wake up!  I just wanted to lay down and sleep.  Well, that’s pretty much what I did.  Saturday was much the same.  I got up, ran a quick errand in town and stayed home the rest of the day.  I had a few friends here visiting and we were sitting at the dining room table.  I finally had to say “sorry to be rude, but I’ve GOTTA lay down”.  The exhaustion came on me from out of nowhere.  I was sooo upset too because I had plans for Saturday night.  These plans had been on my calendar for months.  My sweet niece was competing in our local Distinguished Young Woman’s pageant Saturday night……and I HAD to be able to attend.  I laid down about 3:30 and boy did I do some power sleeping til about 6:00pm.  Just in time to get up, get dressed and head to the show.  I had prayed that God would give me enough strength to make it through the pageant – and, yet again, He answered my prayers.  I mean, how could I not go and support this phenomenal young woman?  She’s smart, talented, compassionate and oh so witty….. and she fills our lives with so much laughter!  She’ll always be our “baby girl”…..no matter how old she gets!  So proud of you Ms. Boom! 🙂  And so thankful I was able to attend!


Friday I was trying to get some bills paid and was sitting at the dining room table when the doorbell rang.  I was expecting someone from the cable company……so imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and saw one of my oldest and dearest friends (who currently lives in Cleveland, OH) standing at my front door…..bearing a huge goody basket in his hands.  He was in town visiting his mother and brought me a basket full of all things Cleveland.  What an awesome gift.  We were able to visit for a few minutes, catch up and have a few laughs.  I have never been so shocked and so happy to see someone.  While his gift was wonderful……the sweet note he wrote in my card truly touched my heart.  He is, indeed, one of my oldest friends……it’s kinda cool when you really can’t remember a time when you DIDN’T know someone.  Our friendship has been around for as long as we can remember.   God sent me a wonderful Angel on Friday…….all the way from Cleveland.  He knew my heart needed a pick me up…..and who better than Brad to accomplish that task.  Never, EVER underestimate just how much even the shortest of visits can mean to someone.  Old friends really are the best!


Brad had no idea my son was a Cleveland Cavaliers fan……but I knew right away I was going to have some sticky fingers trying to “borrow” my goodies!  He enjoyed going through the goody basket as much as I did.  No surprises here when we got ready to go grab some dinner Friday night when he appeared wearing some of my new swag…….but I secretly love that we can share! 🙂  And FYI – the Bertman’s Ballpark Mustard was on point!  My only regret is that I didn’t think to take a pic while Brad was here.  But…..today Pastor Karl talked about our long term memories – and how most often those memories are surrounding relationships.  I have a feeling I’ll remember seeing his face outside my window for a long time.


Today has been a day of rest and worship……and nothing else.  And it felt oh, so good!  Rest is good for the soul.  Now let’s just wait for Wednesday and check off Taxol #2!




Your Face Mirrors Your Heart

17 You use steel to sharpen steel,
    and one friend sharpens another.


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