Bits and Pieces

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  That’s mostly because on the days I felt like crap lately – I truly didn’t even feel like typing.  On those days, I hung close to the couch or bed.  And on the few days when I felt great – well, guess what – I was busy doing whatever I wanted to do!  On the GOOD days – I try to pack in absolutely as much as I can without overdoing it!

The fourth and final FEC treatment kicked my tail……in a big way.  This one has been by far the hardest to bounce back from!  But I celebrate 3 “good” days in a row……and oh, how I am thankful for them.


Today is a big day………not for me personally, but for a dear friend and fellow warrior, Renee.  This year she has had a double mastectomy, numerous rounds of chemo and TODAY she finishes up her radiation.  Hallelujah and Praise the Lord.  I know this had been a long, hard road for her……and I am so happy to see her be able to stamp this file as “DONE” and go on about her normal life.  I talked with her last night and told her how much of an inspiration she had been to me.  We had similar treatment plans, and she has been a WEALTH of knowledge and advice since she had just gone through so much of the same thing.  ANYTIME I had a question – she was one of my “go-to” folks.  We knew each other BC (before cancer) but we now share this bond of traveling the breast cancer highway and I know that we will share stories for years to come.  Her hair is already coming back (and it is soooo soft just like a baby’s hair).  She has no idea how much inspiration she has given me.  I watched her tackle this mess like a BOSS and admired how she has smiled through it all.  I have to give kudos to Renee’s support team also – she has been blessed (as have I) with folks from all areas of her life cheering her on in this fight.  Having a support team is soooo important……and it’s truly watching “LOVE IN ACTION”.  You never really realize how many folks you have on your team until something like this happens.  Renee……I hope you get to CELEBRATE BIG tonight!  But you and I both know that EVERYDAY is cause for celebration.  It’s a shame that something like this had to happen to us to TRULY make us realize that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. is a BEAUTIFUL GIFT FROM GOD!  Be thankful ya’ll…….even on the bad days……the challenging days……the not so pretty days……JUST. BE. THANKFUL.  You may get tired of hearing me say that…….but I will continue to say it because “Cancer Sonja” is on a mission!

not thankful

So hopefully the next week will only bring good days!  I start the Taxol regimen next Wednesday…….praying I can pack a lot of “good stuff” in between now and then!  Trust me – I have some things on my agenda!

CC returned to work this week and has managed very well.  While I miss having him here, I know he was sooooo ready to get out of the house and back to work.  I hope and pray this doesn’t hinder his recovery.

There are many reasons why we love RCS Bulldog Volleyball, but right now, during this season of my life (and in the lives of volleyball parents/grandparents/fans) I am so thankful that these young girls are passionate about raising breast cancer awareness and are having a “Dig Pink” night on Tuesday, October 3rd.  They announced this yesterday and are selling t-shirts if anyone is interested!  I’m a long-sleeved t-shirt kinda girl!  I can’t wait to get mine! 🙂  Hugs to you girls and Carrie for getting this together!  You Lady Bulldogs Rock!

rcs shirt

Well…..that’s the bits and pieces of the past week.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find something awesome in each day……hmmm….that makes me think about a Gratitude Journal……maybe that’s an idea???……be intentional about finding something (or many things) – but AT LEAST ONE good thing about each day.  We may have to circle back to this idea!



Jeremiah 17:14 MSG

14 God, pick up the pieces. Put me back together again. You are my praise!


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