Celebrate Good Times…..Come on!

So we have something to celebrate!  Friday, September 1st I wrapped up my first regimen of chemo…….finishing the 4th and final infusion of the FEC.  Hallelujah!  Even though things didn’t go as planned……it all worked out in the end.  Chemo was scheduled for 12pm…..but due to computer complications, everything as having to be done by hand and it created a domino effect.  I finally got called back and hooked up with my meds just a few minutes before 3pm.  The nurses were working their butts off trying to get everyone taken care of.  The infusion waiting room was more crowded than I have ever seen it.  Chemo typically takes me 3 hours – so I finally finished up at 6:05pm.  I walked out of the Cancer Center and climbed into the truck with CC and Hunter and off we headed to get some much needed Vitamin Sea in Beaufort, NC.  Satan tried to steal our joy, but we were not allowing it. First the chemo delay…..then I-40 was a mess by the time we got on the road – it was rainy and yucky…..but God was still looking out after us.  There had been an earlier tornado and hail storm in Clayton……and had we left at our originally scheduled time, we probably would have been right in the middle of that.  So even though the delay seemed like an inconvenience…….God was sparing us from the storm.


It feels great to know that I’m now able to “check off” this FEC regimen from my treatment list.  Now we get a few weeks break and Sept 20th, I start weekly Taxol treatments for a total of 8 weeks.  I know I’ve said this before – but I look at each day as a blessing, as it is getting me one step closer to the finish line……when the BIG celebration will come!  Meanwhile, I intend to celebrate every victory whether large or small!


Our sweet friends The Evans Family joined us for the weekend at the beach and we had THE. BEST. TIME.  They are soooo much fun, always good for a laugh and JUST. SO. EASY.  I’ve learned over the years that not everyone makes good travel partners.  Heck, if we could take on NYC with the Evans, the beach would be a breeze!  The Evans are the best!  I had been bummed all summer because I felt like Hunter got cheated out of any fun this summer while he was out of school (compliments of mom “catching the cancer”) ……and I was so glad that The Evans and their son could join us this weekend.  The boys had a great time paddle boarding – seeing that smile on Hunter’s face was worth every bit of effort it took for me to endure the weekend.  What a great way to officially close out the summer!  And Lordy did we laugh…….George has the quickest wit of anyone I know.  You can’t be in bad mood and be around George!  This weekend was JUST. WHAT. THE. DOCTOR. ORDERED!

The first few days after chemo are always the best ones…..the steroids keep you going.  I am so thankful that my treatment schedule and the calendar worked out to make this weekend possible and allow me to participate in some fun.  It was difficult watching the boys paddle board from the beach – I really wanted to be out there with them……and while it’s medically okay for me to swim…..I am NOT WILLING to take a chance on contracting any bizarre or random infection that may cause any interruption into my treatment schedule.  It hasn’t been easy – but I have to remind myself that this is just for a season…..and next summer I should be able to give these boys a lesson or two! 🙂

Exhaustion set in on the ride home – but even then, it was a “good” exhaustion – as I was able to sit back and reflect over the wonderful weekend we had.  It was worth me being tired as crap tonight – and for sure tomorrow……but I wouldn’t change a thing.  You learn to do what you can, when you feel like you can…….and when you need to rest – well, that’s what you do.  Tomorrow will be my day of rest for sure!

The ocean has always been a place of contentment for me.  When I look at the ocean, and watch the waves, and tides…..it’s hard for me to look at all of God’s glory and wonder and understand how ANYONE could look at the same ocean as me and not believe there is a God who created all this beauty and majesty.

The beach is wonderful for lots of things.  Relaxing……Recharging…..Recovering…….Reconnecting…..Rejuvenating and most certainly Healing.  At least it is for me.  I did a bit of all of these over the past few days.  Every night God painted some glorious sunsets for us…..they were too beautiful not to share!

beautiful sunset

harkers island sunset

Here’s wishing each of you a wonderful week.  Don’t get so caught up in the minutiae of your day that you forget to celebrate the small stuff.  Thank God for your family, your friends, your health…….just be thankful.  PERIOD.



Psalm 145:7New International Version (NIV)

They celebrate your abundant goodness
    and joyfully sing of your righteousness.


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