Finding a Pattern

The weird thing about chemo (at least for me) has been that the “after effects” don’t show up right away.  My chemo treatments have been given on Wednesdays – and typically, Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun are pretty “normal” – maybe a little more tired than usual…..but still pretty normal as far as feeling good.  I’ve tried to be diligent about keeping up with good days and bad days on the calendar – trying to see if there is any method to the madness or any distinct patterns.

I think I can confidently say that I have noticed a pattern to the Mondays after chemo……..those days are certifiably CRAPPY (pun intended – queue the CRAP emoji)!1120288

I’ve had two treatments and both Mondays after chemo were NO FUN.  Both times I was plagued with diarrhea……Imodium is my new best friend on Mondays after chemo!  I was so weak – all I had the energy to do was lay around and nap off and on all day.  I though I’d feel like I would have energy enough to do a simple task around the house……BUT NO!!!  You feel like you “need” to do something or want to push yourself just a bit thinking if you just get up and get going, it’ll get better – but it JUST…….DOESN’T….. HAPPEN!   Sunday I felt great……went to church, out for lunch, came home and napped, took Hunter to the lake for a youth outing……and felt WONDERFUL the entire time!  How can so much change overnight?  I don’t know but it sure does! I think I slept most of the day on Monday and finally at 9ish – I said the heck with this, I’m going to bed.  My body just ached.  Ugh – enough of this all ready!

What a difference a day makes!  Thankfully – Tuesday was sooooo much better!  Now I didn’t wake up feeling like I could run a marathon – but I did wake up without a queasy stomach – and that’s always a plus.  Those mornings when you literally put your feet on the floor and the nausea hits  – they are awful!  I’m learning that I need to “ease” myself into things!  Like having a cup of coffee…..letting my stomach settle and trying to eat some breakfast maybe an hour later.  Showers don’t typically happen first thing in the mornings any more………it may be mid-late afternoon or even after dinner.  Whatever works, right? It just all depends on the day.

Sometimes you just need to get up and get out and get some fresh air – but honestly, the “getting there” can seem so difficult sometimes, you just say the heck with it.  And it’s been so incredibly hot here – this heat sucks the life out of you when you feel good – much less when you’re tackling chemo!

But I celebrate that Tuesday was a better day and  today is even better than yesterday! Small steps…….and yes it is important to celebrate the small things!  And honestly – if Mondays after chemo are the worst days I have to endure – then I have very little to complain about!  In the grand scheme of things – I’ve been very blessed to not be sick, throwing up, dehydrated, running fevers, etc.  I count it a blessing that my side effects have been minimal and truly feel a bit guilty for complaining.


And in other good news – CC was released from the doctor to return to work this week.  Praise God he is doing better – he had quite a tough go of it for awhile.  While we are both thankful that he is doing well enough to return to work – it was bittersweet for me.  We had been home together for over a month……and I admit, it was nice having him here “just in case”.  It will be an adjustment having him gone – but I still have my sidekick here for a few more weeks to keep me company and take care of me!  It’s amazing how God works in the background – while it was unfortunate CC was home with a herniated disc and in immense pain, it was a blessing to have him here with me during this time.  God knows our needs…….and gives us just what we need in just the right time.

So I’ve had lots of information shared with me since my diagnosis about so many cancer support groups, networks, organizations, etc.  I thought it would make sense to share some of these sites here in case others may be able to benefit from them as well.

Hope Abounds provides supportive services, financial assistance, educational opportunities and advocacy for women, children, teens and their families, who are going through any type of cancer from diagnosis to survivorship.

Cleaning for a Reason is an awesome organization.  Unfortunately,  it isn’t currently available in my rural area – but it may be available near you.  Please share with anyone you may know who may be able to benefit from this wonderful service!

A friend shared these two links with me for great options for eyebrows and eyelashes (since they disappear also with chemo).  I’ll definitely be ordering these eyebrow kits!  And wouldn’t you know – I had just finished a round of Rodan + Fields Lash Boost just before my diagnosis and my eyelashes were AHHMAZING if I say so myself…….and now I’m just waiting to see how long they stay around.  Oh well – it’s just eye lashes.  If they don’t grow back – has some rocking ones!

So I initially wrote the bulk of this blog last night and hoped to publish it then – but I was really tired, and I just didn’t feel good about it and I finally decided I would just save it and finish it today.  I didn’t want to make a hasty decision on a quote, content or Bible verse……so I closed my laptop and said I’ll tackle that tomorrow.  Well….just so you know – that was God prompting me.  This morning, I got an email from a friend from church – here emails are ALWAYS so encouraging and bring a smile to my face.  You’d never know that her own family is going through their own personal health storms…….she’s quite amazing.  But her email this morning indicated she wanted to share some scripture with me.  No doubt this was God’s handiwork.  This was one of the verses that she shared and it is just PERFECT to accompany this post.

God never……ever…..disappoints!  He’s there on the good days and the crappy days!



James 1:2  tells us, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials.”

In all the moments of life, we should be quick to praise the Lord and to bless Him at all times. When we have a good day, thank God for it. When the day turns dark and troubling, praise the Lord anyway, for His loving kindness is fresh every morning and His faithfulness every night. Let’s bless Him every moment today.


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  1. Sonja, it is absolutely amazing that you are reaching out to help others understand what facing breast cancer means, and also what to expect. When so many things are said about the younger generation of today not taking a stand and sharing how God will use us if we just listen to him and follow. Love you ,”Old Student” and so glad to call you my friend.

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