A Day of Gatherings…..

This day has been jam packed!  We started off attending 8:30am worship this morning.  It was a day of celebrations!  During the service, we commissioned 4 adults and 16 youth for an upcoming mission trip with ASP (Appalachian Service Project).  Our group will be heading to rural Kentucky July 9th to do mission work there.  This is the first time we’ve had youth old enough to attend ASP and we are all excited for them and the blessings they will both give and receive from this experience.

Next we celebrated our Youth Pastor, Curtis Hammock and his wife Dori.  Curtis has recently been ordained as a licensed local pastor and today was his last day with us at Concord UMC! 😦  While we are so happy that he has answered the call to serve as an ordained minister, we will surely miss him and Dori and their sweet children.  It was truly bittersweet!  Curtis and Dori – we love you guys and know that you and your family will be a blessing to your new congregation, just as you have blessed us over the past few years.

Sooooo many people took time to wish me well and offer encouragement for me this week as I embark on my chemo regimen.  I continue to be amazed at the outpouring of love that has been showered on both me and my family through meals, calls, texts, cards, and visits.  We have been oh so blessed by our church family, family, friends, neighbors and even strangers.  Small town living ain’t so bad – and from where I sit, it’s times like this when folks truly show up and offer support in whatever form it is needed.  I’m truly thankful for this community!

Church was followed by “Sunday Lunch at BJ’s”.  My Aunt BJ prepared a table full of delicious food for lunch!  I’m still amazed at how she manages to get so much food cooked in such a short window of time.  I think she has some kind of super-power!  I think everyone is trying to make sure I eat good to “beef up” for this chemo! 🙂  There has been no shortage of good food for me over the past few weeks!  I completely forgot to get a picture of the meal she had prepared – sorry about that!  But trust me when I say it was mmmm mmmm good!


Doctors appointments and  hectic schedules of late has kept me and the girls from being able to have our “therapy lunches”.  That stinks and we are going to rectify it soon!  However – one of my therapy girls has had a full plate lately herself……so today I decided enough was enough –  and that we needed an emergency therapy session!  So we spent a few hours on the couch catching up and solving lots of problems.  It was good for my soul!

therapy session

The next thing you know, it’s dinner time!  Sunday dinners at my mom and dad’s are always a treat!  As I write this, I’m sure that you all must be thinking “Golly, she needs to be in a 12-step program for her food addiction!”  Yeah – we love to eat around here.  Mom  had prepared a feast for dinner!  So many of my favorites!!

There is nothing like fresh veggies!  YUM!  


And a wonderful blackberry cobbler compliments of Hunter Vaughan!  Gran had a “training session” with him and Haden one day a few years ago and it was time well spent!  These boys can cook! And yes – it tastes just as good as it looks! 

Yes…..food and fellowship…..that’s how we show love in this family.  And trust me – there is an endless supply of that around here!  Good times gathered round the table…..laughing, talking, debating……and arguing over who gets the last serving! 🙂

What an awesome Sunday!  So thankful for all the “gatherings” on this day.  Every one of them was special.

Til next time!


Romans 1:12

that is, that I may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the other’s faith, both yours and mine.




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