This is How We Do It!!

We planned our summer vacation months ago – and there was really no rhyme or reason to it other than my husband had 3 weeks available that he could take off.  Two of those weeks would not work for us because Hunter would already be back in school in late August… our dates were chosen purely by the process of elimination!

Clearly “cancer” wasn’t in the picture when we picked our vacation.

Want to see how God works?  The week that we had chosen months ago for our vacation turned out to be the week immediately BEFORE my chemo treatments are scheduled to start!!  Amazing!  Everybody hopes for sunny days when you are on vacation at the beach – and we are no exception.  We’ve had some sunny days – but boy were they windy!  We’ve managed to take the boat out one day so far – but between the wind and summer storms, the weather has not been in our favor to do the things we’d planned.  Every time the guys get their fishing stuff together to walk out the door – down comes the rain again!  The old Sonja would have been pissed……but “Cancer Sonja 2.0” (this is the title that Hunter gave me after my 2nd cancer surgery – that warped sense of humor runs deep at our house!) has kind of enjoyed the down time…..and just being here with my two favorite fellas.  We’ve spent time on the deck watching the boats, shopping, watching TV, reading, playing Yahtzee and other games and oh yes – EATING!

It’s quite possible I might have gained 10 pounds on this trip!  I love food!  All kinds of food – and while I know chemo affects everyone differently – many have said it changes their tastes.  Things they loved no longer taste as good – and honestly, I’ve probably been more concerned over this stinking chemo messing with the tastes of my favorite foods than I have been over the chemo causing me to lose my hair.  I mean, it’s all about priorities, right???

Well, CC has given me free reign to eat any and everything I want this week.  So guess what – I am trying hard not to disappoint him!!!

So……this is how we do it….

when things don’t quite go the way WE had planned! 🙂


CC is known for his “beach breakfasts”.  He’s usually the first one up and he will get the griddle out and cook up a breakfast buffet.  He never disappoints!  Breakfast with a view!
El’s Drive-In is a “must” stop EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
fishing the docks
The fellas finally got a chance to do a little fishing from the docks!
Our “go-to” for bar food!  They have something for everyone!


Finally made it to Happycakes!  Hunter had the S’mores Cupcake!


I opted for the Turtle Cupcake.  Can you say “ahhhmazing”!!


sunday on the boat
Sunday on the boat……

Even the best laid plans don’t always work out……and often times, that’s a good thing!  We’ve not had the weather we hoped for – but we have had a lot of time together – eating, laughing, talking, fishing, and just enjoying each other.  Clearly God knew ALL of us would need this time to rest, relax, refresh and recharge (oh, and REFUEL) before my chemo starts!

Gotta run…….somebody has to be in charge of planning that next meal! hahahaha!


Psalm 116:7  “Relax, because the Lord takes care of you.”


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10 thoughts on “This is How We Do It!!”

  1. Love your perspective and how God has used your journey to change the way you view things. Enjoy that vacation and keep fighting… you have SO many praying for you!!!


  2. I love your outlook on all this and am blessed to have you as part of our “family” I know God has his hands around you! And I happen to think your sense of humor is perfect! Love you lots!!! *ps I still think being your flower girl was an honor!


  3. Sonja, you have a great attitude about this whole “Cancer” thing. I am so proud of you for standing up and giving it all to God to take care of you. Still praying for you. Love and Hugs. Enjoy your week with your two fella. 💞💞💞


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