“S” Therapy


boat time

Yep…..this vacation has been awesome and full of lots of “S” therapy.

Lots of rest, relaxation, no agendas……just flying by the seat of our pants.

Two years ago during vacation, I was enjoying every minute of it knowing that I would be starting chemo once I returned. Two years. It seems like forever ago and then again it seems like it was just last week.

It’s so crazy how I can look back now and see that cancer never really “had” me. Cancer took a year of my life – from diagnosis, to treatment and recovery. I could be pissed that I spent a full year of my life here on earth battling that mess……or I could be grateful that I ONLY spent one full year of my life fighting it. Perspective……..it’s all about perspective.

Coming to the beach sparks so many memories now. Savoring all kinds of foods the week before chemo began, cause who knew how things would taste afterwards. Spending that last week with my two best guys…..just the three of us, before our lives turned upside down. Learning to slow down and really “live” in the moment. Sitting and staring at the ocean and being reminded with each wave or change of the tides, that God was and is in control. It reminds me of where I was…….and just how far I’ve come…..by the grace of God.

The ocean gives me pause to relax…….reflect……recharge……redirect…..remember……

For me, the ocean brings a lot of healing. Spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing. My Papa always said that “salt water cured everything”. He was right on the money! That salt water combined with the ocean breeze in your face, well, that’s some awfully good medicine! For just awhile, the ocean allows me to escape the rat race……the hustle and bustle of the daily grind…..and just be at one with God and his beautiful creations.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with some great friends in the area as well…..it’s always so delightful to catch up with them. I thank God for placing these wonderful folks in my life. None of our meetings were by chance – but rather, intricately designed by God – of that I am sure.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of my “S” therapy…….

cloud over Beaufort Waterfront
the best first mate
low country boil
dock at night
wicked clouds in the area

I threw a handful of books in the car before leaving home. I had a few friends that I wanted to share copies with, and I had the pleasure of visiting two local bookstores in the area and left copies of my books with them. Who knows……perhaps there’s some folks down east who need to be encouraged as they embark on their fight – whatever that fight may be.

My book, Temporary Lumps, is available on Amazon, and it’s also now available as an e-book.

link to Temporary Lumps on Amazon
sunrise at the marina

Sending lots of prayers for some special friends are now in the middle of their own cancer battle. I hate hearing that word! But I know that God will guide each of them and give them “just enough” to get through each day. Much love to all of you!

Here’s hoping you take time for some of your own therapy……whatever that looks like for you. Take some time to sit back, relax, and enjoy God’s creation. You will be glad you did.



Jeremiah 31:35 New International Version (NIV)

35 This is what the Lord says,

he who appoints the sun
    to shine by day,
who decrees the moon and stars
    to shine by night,
who stirs up the sea
    so that its waves roar—
    the Lord Almighty is his name: