Second Time Around

Monday and Tuesday of this week were nothing short of WONDERFUL days…….I felt great, had lots of energy and was able to get some things done.  It felt great to be able to run errands by myself if I chose.  And as much as I was thankful for the two really great days this week, it was also a reminder to me that today, we started all over again.  Today was chemo treatment day #2.   But they say that’s intentional spacing the infusion dates 3 weeks apart – you feel good for a few days after, then the next week is not so great, then the second week things start picking up……little more energy, feeling more like my old self……..they don’t want you coming in for your infusion when you are not feeling well.  I know there is always a method to this madness.

I had lab work done at 9, drs appt at 9:30.  The doctors appt was running a little late, but we had a nice cushion of time between the drs appt and my chemo appointment.  When the doctor was finally able to see me – we had a great visit – and I was all set to do chemo today.  That’s the reason for the blood work, so they can tell if your counts are where they need to be.

I told the medical oncologist today she was right on target with her estimate of when i’d lose my hair.  She had said 10-12 days…….mine lasted a few days longer.

My exam with the medical oncologist was good.  Nothing to worry about. Praise God!

After my doctors appointment, we grabbed some lunch at chick-fil-a and then met my cousin at Duke North waiting area.  She is a Life Flight nurse.  She was all dressed like  an astronaut!!  We went upstairs to check out her work area, meeting coworkers and exploring the helipad.

My cousin gave us a tour of the Life Flight area and introduced us to some of the members of her team.  This was her lifelong dream and she worked hard and it’s paid off!  So happy for her to truly be living her dream!


view from helipad
Great views from the top of the Helipad!

I had some time to kill after my doctors appointment, so I went to the Belk Boutique and purchased a few more hats.  I tried to get some “neutral” colors this time!  The folks in the Belk Boutique are so kind and helpful.  I always enjoy going in there.

Next up – Infusion Room.  I was late getting started with chemo today b/c they were running 45 mins to 1 hr behind.  My treatment takes 3 hours – so we were there a while.  Everything went well with the chemo today (Praise the Lord)!  No complications or anything.  They also put on the Neulasta on pro on my arm before I left.  It will self-administer the meds around 9:00 pm tomorrow night.

sonja chemo2

Praying for no difficulties, fevers, chills, etc.

So last week, a friend was texting me saying we needed to get together to chat.   She said she had some things going on in her life that she’d like to bounce off of me to get a fresh perspective.  Well, almost immediately she text back and said – I can’t do that to you.  Why would you want to be bothered with my trivial mess with all you have going on.

I replied to her that I would WELCOME to chat with her about her concerns.  I told her that just because I had cancer didn’t mean that had to be the subject of every conversation.  I reminded her that I LOVE to talk about things OTHER than this cancer.  So she would be doing me a favor by sharing her concerns with me!  You can vent to me anytime!!!  Folks, I enjoy talking about my cancer experience…….but not EVERY DAY!  If any of you have problems you may be facing.  I’m here to listen!

So here’s to being 2 treatments down…..and 10 more to go.  Please pray they continue to be as uneventful as the first two!

It’s been a long day…….and I keep dozing off trying to finish this……so I’m going to call it a night.

Have a great week!



Psalm 118:24    

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.






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4 thoughts on “Second Time Around”

  1. You look AMAZING! You’re exactly right…as soon as you start feeling better, it’s time for the next round. Continue to count them down.


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